7 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

  1. If Felicia didn’t look so good, it’d be funnier. 😉

    I really need to get off my arse and finish the song I wrote for The Guild. It’s a serious song, but maybe something they could use.

  2. Yeah, you’re totally right about her looking too good. I showed it to a co-worker (who isn’t an MMO gamer) and he didn’t really ‘get’ that it was supposed to be funny, because she was looking so great. He was all “Who are these other people in these weird costumes??”


  3. Nice looking video, lyrics are fine but that vocal just plain sucks IMO. Another voice processed to hell. Does anyone sing with a natural voice anymore and does everyone want to sound like a computer?

  4. @DM — Yes, that’s her singing.

    @Grid — I think that’s kind of what Aaron meant. Listen to the vocals in the context of everyone except Felicia in that video. If Felicia was as goofy looking as the rest of the cast, I don’t think you’d take it seriously enough to worry about the (deliberately, btw — she was trying to evoke 90’s dance music) overly processed vocals.

    That said, I find it kind of catchy.

  5. Pretty awesome but could have been better with it being less professional and a bit more nerdy (Did I just say that?)

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