PSN finally gets (a bit) social

If you haven’t popped by the Playstation page (and really…why would you?) you might not be aware that they’ve finally started to open up their Trophy data.

Granted they’ve hidden it well. Once you log in, you have to click on the tiny My Profile link at top right, which exposes all kinds of dull account management foofery, like “Would you like us to constantly spam you with ads from our trusted partners?” But there’s a new tab over on the right called Portable ID, which gets you this:

Get your Portable ID!

And the Trophies tab has been spruced up to help you compare your Trophies against other PSN members.

So now Sony is only like 5 years behind Microsoft in terms of making PSN a social gaming space.

Oops, slipping into that negative thing again. OK, it’s a nice step in the right direction, and at least it indicates that Sony is aware of what gamers want.

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