Australian internet filter could block gaming

If you’re a gamer, or just an opponent of censorship, you should go read Stropp’s post on an alarming issue being considered by the Australian government.

Sorry to be so brief and cryptic, but I’m at work and anyway I’d rather you got it from the source.

Ack! And now his site is down… someone must be sending mega traffic his way. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

The jist of the post is that the Australian government wants to put in internet filters that will prevent Australians from playing online games that aren’t rated (which is many/most of them). Big brother is watching, Down-Under.

One thought on “Australian internet filter could block gaming

  1. I doubt that it will happen. The benefit of such a scheme would be tiny compared to the problems it would cause. I live in Australia and I’ve seen many stupid ideas like this one try and get passed the Senate. They usually get blocked.

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