4 thoughts on “New (Tr)Ico game incoming?

  1. Well in Ico, the boy was trapped in a castle and trying to escape. So maybe the knight was one of his captors.

  2. Uh oh…

    *begins to chant* I will not buy a PS3 for one game. I will not buy a PS3 for one game. I will *struggles to ignore the trailer being played* NOT buy a PS3 for one game… ugh…

    Ico was awesome. It was an artistic masterpiece that naturally went under-appreciated. Given that, personally (and selfishly) I’d hope the studio is not first-party and opens development for the 360 (and PC?) as well to maximize its potential.

    Did anyone else get Prince of Persia vibes from the trailer, where the gryphon-ish creature basically filling the same role Elika did?

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