RFF: Mid-summer doldrums (Wii)

Everyone is complaining about the heat and most are heading to the beach on holidays. Everyone except me, that is. I’ve been run ragged trying to get my farm in order. Very little dungeon exploring these days; I let my lot go and it is overrun with tree stumps [apparently in the world of Rune Factory Frontier tree stumps grow on their own] and now I’m struggling to take back my land.

Lute came around and I bought a bunch of new gear for the house, but so far I’m not really putting it to good use. But at least I’ll be ready when I figure out some fancy recipes (or when Selphy gets some new books in so I can just buy recipes).

I also experienced my first storm. I got up at 6 am, like I always do, and headed for the door. Suddenly I got this thought into my head: “I shouldn’t go outside today.” No amount of convincing myself would get me out the door. So I did some blacksmithing at my forge until I was tired, then went back to bed. It was, of course, still 6 am. 🙂 Funny how time doesn’t pass when you’re stuck inside.

When I woke up the next day, my farm was a shambles. Branches, tree roots and pebbles had replaced patches of crops all over the place, and I could barely get around to what was left. Happily the rain continued to drizzle down, so instead of spending all my energy watering, I started the clean up process. But it really set me back.

I do have 2 ripe patches of strawberries growing in the dungeon on Whale Island, and a third coming along nicely. I pop up there every day, with my trusty ant companion (his name is Ant…he is an ant. I’m very original at naming my monster pals) to harvest the rune stones and get my energy back. Ant protects me from other monsters so I don’t have to spend my energy fighting my way in or out.

There’s a tree growing along the mountain path, and I can see a crevice behind it. As the tree grows, it pushes up a large chunk of stone, making the crevice larger. So far it isn’t open far enough to let me get in. I’ve taken to watering the tree in the hopes that it’ll grow faster. I suspect there’s a dungeon in there!

I must admit, I haven’t been very social. I did give Mist a straw hat, which she really liked (she wears it every day) and I talk to Melody at the baths daily, but aside from that I’m still keeping to myself, for now.

The work of clearing my farm lot probably sounds dull, but I find it rather satisfying, and I’m gathering plenty of lumber for future expansions. I know I won’t be doing any farming come winter, and I figure I can leave the dungeon exploring until them.

Oh, did I mention I gave that strange purple elephant monster to Bianca? She seemed very happy to have it. I stop by to check in now and then and it seems happy and healthy.

[I flew past the 20 hour point in Rune Factory Frontier this weekend, and I’m still really enjoying the game, albeit in smaller doses. I generally boot it up and play through a day or two, then go on to something with a bit more action. It’s a little like Animal Crossing in that way, except it isn’t tied to a real life clock, so I can play whenever I want. I’ve mostly avoided spoilers, but have read a few, so I know that tree is opening the Summer Dungeon, and that there are 2 more I’ve yet to discover (Fall and Winter).]

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  1. I’m still working my way through spring in the mean time, and having fun reading about your adventures so I know what to expect! It’s relaxing and fun in small doses, I enjoy playing an hour or two here and there in between everything else. Glad to see you’re enjoying it!

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