I’ve been memed!

I have to confess, I’ve never been meme-tagged before. That kind of thing generally doesn’t happen to us grumpy soloers. Usually people tag their tanks from the night before, or once in a while the hot elf chick (or dude, depending on gender preference) who threw ’em a buff the other day.

But Ysharros tagged ME! I feel like Charlie Brown opening his mailbox to find his first ever Valentine!

OK OK, kidding aside, it really is the first time the blog has been pinged on one of these viral social-networking fun meme things, and I thank Ysh for it! My only disappointment is that I couldn’t come up with a properly alliterative title for the post.

To recap, this is the Sixth Screenshot Meme. The idea is to go into your screenshots folder, then into the 6th subfolder and post the 6th screenshot. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should go you go into a 6th sub-subfolder. We’re saving that for the Devil’s Screenshot Meme.

Sadly for me, my Sixth Screenshot is from EQ2 and one I’ve posted not too long ago:
09_01_raffes_feastIt’s the Feasting Table inside my character’s house.

In order to dig up something more interesting, I sorted my screenshot folder in reverse chronological last-modified date, then did the same with the images inside. Here’s what I came up with that way:
This is a “mule” from the live then canceled then live again MMO Saga of Ryzom. I really should revisit that strange world while it is still around. I haven’t played since the Ryzom Ring was added. The Ring is supposed to allow for player-created quests.

Like Ysharros, I don’t have a lot of really old screenies any more. At some point I do run out of space and just purge old stuff.

Anyway, now it’s my turn to tag more people. Woot!

Looking forward to what you all come up with!

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