Game freeze

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve had a long week with little to no free time, and you can’t indulge in your favorite hobby. Sometimes the only thing that gets you through the day is thinking about all the fun you’re going to have when you finally get some time.

And then you break through and find yourself standing in an open field of gaming potential, the sun streaming down around you, birds singing, a soft breeze caressing your face, and games, Games, GAMES beckoning to you from every direction. All you need do is pick one to play.

And you can’t. Instead you spin in place, looking from one to the other. Thinking about how much time you have before the work comes crashing back in, and how precious this time is, so you’d best use it wisely. Thinking Game A is great but if I play it now and can’t get back to in until next weekend, I’ll never remember what I was doing. And Game B works as a short term game, but I’ve already played it and I want something new. Game C is supposed to be fun, but I need to download and patch it and that wastes my precious time. Game D is great in multiplayer but by the time I find a good group to play with, my time will be over. And so on and so forth, and in the back of your mind you know that none of these ‘excuses’ is really all that legit — the real problem is, you have Game Freeze, the gamer’s equivalent to Writer’s Block!

Game Freeze is a very real disease the affects over 2 million gamers in the US alone. Most Game Freeze victims suffer alone, not seeing the disease for what it is. This is why we’ve formed Game Freeze Alliance Worldwide (GFAW), a non-profit institution devoted to researching a cure for Game Freeze as well as reaching out to those afflicted with the disease in order to bring them the tools they need to live with the disease.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from Game Freeze, contact GFAW today about getting a FREE Combat Game Freeze Kit, which includes a helpful 16 page pamphlet outlining the progressive steps of the ailment and how to recognize them, as well as the official Game Freeze hat, made of 100% recycled tweed, a year’s supply of slips of paper, and a GFAW ball-point pen, ideal for writing the names of games on the slips. This FREE kit is available now for $99.99; a small price to pay in order to ease your suffering. All proceeds go to furthering the search for a Game Freeze cure. So call today!!

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