Dragonchasers slows down even more…

I realize my posting has been getting pretty infrequent here at Dragonchasers. Sadly, it’s going to become even more so. As of today, I’m writing for ITworld.com, and I’m committed to a post a day for those good folks, which is going to leave even less time for personal blogging (and for that matter, less time for gaming).

For me personally, this is great news. My writing has been getting sloppier and sloppier over the past several years since I have no one to answer to. Now I have to start disciplining myself and sharpening up my skills again. And of course, the money never hurts!!

Hopefully people will still have room in their RSS feeds for those days when I can squeak out a DC post (or on weekends). Adding to the weird scheduling is my full-time job. I think I may have mentioned here that we had some layoffs in December, and at the same time all the survivors had their pay & hours cut by 10%. I opted to work 4×9 hour days, so Monday-Thursday I’m getting home pretty late. An extra hour doesn’t sound like much but it really has impacted my schedule quite a bit. So most of my gaming and consequently, personal blogging time is happening Friday-Sunday these days.

As always, thanks so much for reading Dragonchasers!

8 thoughts on “Dragonchasers slows down even more…

  1. Meh, I only blog once or twice a week. I say just post when you feel like it. You own the blog, not the other way around 😉

    Saying that, its good to see you’ve found a way to make money off blogging. Best of luck with the ITworld.com job.

  2. Nooo Pete! 🙁

    Dragonchasers is one of mah favourite blogs to read >_< I actually get somewhat excited when I see you’ve posted something new oO

  3. Grats on the ITWorld.com gig. Don’t worry about infrequent posting, post when you can and when you want to!

  4. Do what you need to do! Blogs are really the last bloody thing of importance in the universe. (I say this with increasing bitterness about feeling forced to update my own these days :P)

    But seriously. Writing > blogging. Writing FOR PAY >> blogging! Woot!

  5. [sigh] Lovely… make me go and surf some ol’ dry IT website to read you…


    Congrats, hon!

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