FusionFall Launches

The Cartoon Network’s Browser-based MMO FusionFall launched today. There’s a free-to-play area, or full access starts at $5.95/month and drops a bit for longer sub periods. There’s also a $9.95/month family plan that gets you 4 accounts.

FusionFall is clearly aimed at kids, but let’s face it, Cartoon Network has plenty of winks and nods for us adults as well. Let’s hope some of that “duality” made it into the MMO. I remember sitting with my ex’s daughter watching The Power Puff Girls and she and I would laugh at totally different moments. 🙂

2 thoughts on “FusionFall Launches

  1. Interesting. I will never subscribe to a game, but it’s interesting to see the mechanics they are bringing to the table.

  2. My daughter and I got to play this game before release to test it out. I didnt much care for it but then I dont know jack about RPG or MMO.

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