New digs (EQ2)

Last night I decided that Riowa should celebrate hitting the 50’s by getting his own apartment. He’d been sleeping on the couch at Raffe’s (50 Alchemist) place since forever, which had been ok since most of the time Raffe crashes at the Guild Hall and Riowa is on the road a lot. The two never saw each other and only communicated via notes left to each other.

That said, Riannon (Angela’s 80 Templar) and Kharri (Angela’s 80 Carpenter) had decorated Raffe’s pad very tastefully, but Riowa wanted to try his own hand at decorating. Plus he was constantly hitting his head on that stupid spiral staircase that leads to the second floor of the Irontoes East, where the rented rooms are.

He first looked at some three room apartments, but quickly saw through the marketing hype. One room downstairs, one room upstairs, and then a walled yard with a tarp overhead! That’s not a room! Bah! The five-room homes are lovely but he didn’t quite have the status in the community to swing one. Actually he didn’t have anywhere near the status to swing one.

Treasure TroveIn the end, he rented a two room place in The Lion’s Mane, that cozy Inn in South Qeynos. It was very comfortably affordable, particularly once he did up the place with fancy items that appealed to the snooty housing committee [bringing the Status cost to 0] and placed a Treasure Trove [knocks 25% off the weekly Gold cost] in there. First thing he did was make an ice sculpture out of all the frozen goblins he’d collected in the icy keep.

Then he finally hatched the Mysterious Egg that he’d left unclaimed for several years, and look what hatched from it!

Aviak fighter

Next he bought a large cat, and brought his other pets over from Raffe’s place, taking particular care in transporting the baby dragon.

Baby Dragon

Next he arranged his trophy weapons around the door, so every time he left he’d be reminded of past successes.


An ice sculpture of some hot warrior chick rounded the place out. A real bachelor’s pad!

Ice Statue

Not at all like Raffe’s girl-ish place, with his hearth

Raffe's Hearth

and his poncie bedroom

Raffe's Bedroom

Admittedly the eating is better at Raffe’s, though.

Raffe's Feast

The new suite has a long way to go, but Riowa is thinking me might wait until he can afford to five-room place before he really gets started on any serious decorating.

* * *

And while I’m in the image posting mood, here’s two shots of him with his new ice gear. One without the chest piece, and one with. You can see how over-done the ‘snowflake’ effect is on the chest piece. I think that’ll be the first piece I replace! (BTW, it is *uncanny* how simliar Riowa’s physique is to mine!!)

Without Snow EffectWith Snow Effect

2 thoughts on “New digs (EQ2)

  1. So what happens to the abode now that you’re inactive again? I always felt compelled to close down the house and stuff my pockets full of furniture and treasures (not that I had many, but I had a few) so they wouldn’t go *poof* while I waited to see if I was going to play again or not. It always hurt to see friends homes disappear along with all the contents in SWG when rent ran out — not the same here?

  2. It’ll all be there waiting for me. I’ll have to pay a week’s rent to get it re-opened, but EQ2 is very generous with is housing policy. There’s no decay or anything like that.

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