Meanwhile, in MMO land…

So lest you think all this Valkyria Chronicles talk means I’ve given up MMOs…

The other day I logged into Warhammer and *gasp!* found a group, finished a few quests, and gained a level. That said, I think I’m done. I have to work too hard to find the fun in Warhammer, while it comes so easily in other games. And as I just commented over at Stylish Corpse, I don’t think I like the reality of RvR. Maybe I’d like it in Dofus where everything is turn-based, but I’m just not into the lag-fest chaos franticality (I need to submit that word to Websters) that is RvR/PvP in most MMOs. I suppose the fact that I *greatly* prefer turn-based combat in my single player RPGs speaks to that as well. But y’know, I’m *loving* these Warhammer novels to the point where I’m so glad I tried the game, even though I don’t really enjoy it. I never would’ve picked up the novels if I hadn’t been exposed to the lore in the game.

Over in EQ2, my Berserker is slogging forward. He’s a hair’s breath from level 49 and I need to get him to 50 before the Frostfell event ends. I’ve got over 50 tokens stored up to buy him all new gear once the next tier of stuff opens up. The other day he Mentored Angela’s level 18 Warden and in one session we got her to 23. It was fun to be the Mentor-er rather than the Mentor-ee for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I need to /claim my 5-year veteran award and get that charm that gives you 100% vitality once a week.

And, just because I’m me, I fired up Vanguard last night! It’s open to ex-players through the end of January (I think?) and I’ve been reading good things about it lately so figured I’d at least poke my nose in. The world looks fabulous (has it always looked this good? Maybe I just never had a graphics card capable of showing it at its best) but the avatars still bug me. The community seems pretty helpful and chatty. I rolled a Bard and he’s kind of a bad-ass. I might dip my head back in there again. I do still feel a lack of polish in interface tweaking and so forth, but the game ran pretty well once (I presume) a bunch of textures got cached. I hitched like mad for the first few minutes then everything smoothed out.

I also downloading Florensia, a free2play, but haven’t done much with it. It has naval battles, and I’m still trying to scratch the itch and Pirates of the Burning Seas just aggravated.

Poor LOTRO still awaits my attention. I *really* need to get back to that. I think I need to quit my guild, Soldiers of Valor though. I’ve been away long enough that it feels awkward to log in and have to answer all the questions about where I’ve been (or worse, “Who the heck are you?”), and while they’re a nice group of people (and if you’re looking for a guild on Landroval, do check them out!), I play LOTRO so infrequently that it really isn’t right that I’m in a guild, and I’ll never feel any kind of attachment to a guild until such time as I play more regularly.

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  1. PETE!! I’m running around doing a few ‘hijacks’ on bloggers who I read. Getting the word out for you to enjoy a seriously good (but short) WoW film/clip thingy!

    I promise the link is safe and minus keyloggers and all that melarky :p watch this lil beauty. Iโ€™ve a feeling you may be inclined to enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜›

    The Vimeo link probably has the best quality of streams if youโ€™re not into downloading. It’s… yeah, awesomecakes.

    And you’ve started Vampire Wars! yay! Any thoughts currently on it? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    and -finally- if you’re going to play Vanguard I might just be inclined to drop in and say hello myself :p what server you on over there?

  2. I think there’s an alt group or two setting up shop in LotRO, and possibly a fully-fledged casual guild. Not 100% sure though. You’d have to check the thread on the boards.

  3. @Shamutanti, that was an awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing that!!

    And so far I’m *loving* Vampire Wars. Not too far into it yet but the style is great and Savile can write, for sure.

    I rolled on Seradon (or something close to that) in Vanguard but I’m not sure how much time I’ll really spend there. I just can’t pass up a free re-activation. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @JB: I check in with the LOTRO thread now and then but will do so again. I’m not sure I’m into a Vent-oriented LOTRO guild, though. I really do my “private RP” thing in LOTRO where I like to really get lost in the world. OTOH it’d be *awesome* to do some of those Fellowship quests with CoWs. Thanks for mentioning it!

  4. Are the Lotro servers EU/US based? Or are they merged together? I’ve never really got into LotrO and I think it’s always been down eventually to a lack of players to actually play with.

  5. I believe they are separate, since Codemasters (??) distributes the game in Europe. I don’t know if there are any rules enforcing what servers you can play on, though.

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