Frostfell Loot

So its been a very Frostfell Weekend for me. Riowa the ‘zerker made four levels and actually ran out of Vitality for the first time ever.

He got a shiny new sword:

And check out the detail, which is almost impossible to see unless you use a ‘dressing room’ mod (Angela’s Templar is showing if off here):

And a Bauble:

And this axe, which just looks pretty but isn’t that impressive in use:

And two trees:

And Frostfell has just begun! Happy {insert your game’s live holiday event} Everyone!

9 thoughts on “Frostfell Loot

  1. Just a note: In order to be able to unlock all of the tree lighting options, you have to do the “Feelin’ Gifty in [your city here]” quest. This year, in addition to the regular green Frostfell trees, good- and evil-aligned cities also offer specific trees — for good characters, a Frosted Frostfell Tree, and for evil characters, a Dead Frostfell Tree. Each one of these has a few unique lighting options. 🙂

  2. @ Werit:

    Oh, the EQ2 housing system is unparalleled in the MMO world! You can place just about any item just about anywhere. I recommend checking out the Norrathian Homeshow forum on the EQ2 official forums…the creativity some folks display is astounding. 🙂

  3. I still am a big fan of SWG’s… which I am guessing is very similar to EQ2. However I like sci-fi more than fantasy, so SWG wins for me 😉

  4. @Werit — we had a whole city we built that a friend and I decorated quite religously. It was wonderful, the best game ever, to just be interior decorators for a whole town. They gave us rights, we crafted to our hearts content, and in the end had a pretty unique set-up. That’s the part of SWG I miss… before all the “retooling” or whatever they called it. Thanks for making me think of it!

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