More guinea pigs

Sorry for the lack of posting today. Was feeling rather under the weather and not up to writing.

Which is the prefect excuse for more guinea pig pictures! Which I know most of my gaming readers will roll their eyes at, but I did get a couple of requests for pictures of the two older girls.

Here’s the old girl, Isis, helping Angela play Everquest 2. She’s pretty happy to hang out in her “Cuddly Cup” (the actual name of them, I’m not being cute) getting scritches and being in the midst of things. Look up “nosy” on Wikipedia and you’re likely to find a picture of Isis.

Here she is on duty, making sure no wild carrots sneak into the house unchallenged. Isis and Mimi live in separate cages because Mimi’s youthful exuberance drives Isis crazy. We leave the doors and tops of the ‘cages’ open and the girls show no inclination to ever want to make an escape. They seem to really like their “houses” and are happy to go back to them after playtime.

I don’t have many good pics of Mimi because she never sits still. But here she is, pausing for an instant before continuing to squirm around in circles in *her* “Cuddly Cup” (separate but equal, these girls.) Mimi will be two in later winter, Isis is about four. So far Mimi hasn’t really showed signs of slowing down, but Isis is fairly sedate.

One of our favorite “games” is tug-of-war with this chewing stick of hers. She shows no interest in this stick unless I’m holding it. When she sees that, she gets very focused on pulling it out of my hand, after which she promptly drops it and ignores it. My considerable paunch is her favorite place to perch while playing this game…luckily I’m an extreme sloucher or she’d slide off!

9 thoughts on “More guinea pigs

  1. So how many guinea pigs do you have? They are cute girls! I’ve never known any outside of classroom pets, myself.

  2. Not in the least spoiled. LOL OK that’s an out and out lie. They’re spoiled beyond belief.

    And we have 3 altogether, including the new baby that came home with us last Friday and who seems to be settling in very nicely. 🙂

  3. Ooo! You are preparing for the Christmas eve in the South American flavour! Three is a feast!

    Oops… sry, maybe not, as you are referring to them as ‘pets’, not as food…

    Sorry. 😛

  4. South Americans are crazy. They have a guinea pig festival where first they dress them up in cute little outfits, then they cook and eat them! There’s something a little macabre about that.

    Funny how comments on my 2 guinea pigs posts from guys are all about eating guinea pigs (in my previous post, Grid is a male friend of mine who said they taste like chicken) and comments from the ladies are about how cute they are. 🙂

    I guess I’m in touch with my feminine side when it comes to guinea pigs!

  5. Good heavens! When people get a new puppy, you don’t say, “Y’know, in Korea, people eat puppies! How will you be preparing this one?” 😛

  6. No no no, it’s not “spoiled” it’s “indulged” — that’s my excuse for my dogs and I’m sticking to it.


  7. Ysh, is it like *WHAM* – *SQUEEEE* – NOOOO!!! ?

    Or *SQUEEE* – EEEEK! like?

    Nah, I was just teasing about the eating part. Having currently four Irish Wolfhounds and a spider puts me kinda into the pet lovers boat. Earlier I had six Siberian Chipmunks, so I know what it’s like with rodents, too.

    And before you ask, yes, we have had Guinea Pigs, too. One. And far too short time.

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