Poster Child Post Removed

I posted a, er, post this morning, and might have got a lot of it wrong…

I’m at work and can’t really take the time to straighten the mess out, so for now I’m just unpublishing the post. If I’m mis-representing someone, I don’t want to leave the post up there until tonight.

UPDATE: Lunch hour FTW. After discussing some things with some people, I’ve reworked the post to more accurately reflect what was actually said (vs what I thought was being said) and my reaction to one minor point in someone else’s blog.

My apologies for all the drama-queenerie.

4 thoughts on “Poster Child Post Removed

  1. Just take out my name and I’ll call off the flying monkeys!

    Meanwhile — fly my monkeys, FLY!!! If you’re in a cubicle, you’re toast! 😀

  2. I didn’t see the post, but I bet it was about that one guy who did that thing that one time. You were like ‘hey’, and he was like ‘dude’, and then that stuff happened, and then you wrote about it because you were like ‘man’, am I right? No? Ah well…

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