Willpower saving throw: Failed

So at approximately 11 pm last night, I renewed my WoW subscription. And yes, the baby polar bears figured into that decision, more in terms of timing than in terms of the decision to renew. I felt it coming on, now that CoW is moving into WoW, and figured I may as well get the cute little rat pellet while I could.

I logged in a bunch of my old characters to get the bear and to be baffled by all their gear and crap, then rolled a new character on Rexxar, the CoW WoW server (how could I resist that). And I felt an overwhelming feeling of buyer’s remorse.

THIS again? Kobold varmints, kobold workkers, kobold laborers… defias headbands, grapes and garret’s head? It all came back in a rush. And it really struck me how little WoW has changed in the past 4 years, from the point of view of a level 1 character. I was astounded that, for instance, hovering the mouse over gear in your backpack doesn’t pop-up an “Equipped” window to allow you to compare (though this does happen during quest reward pay-offs). I was surprised that the graphics haven’t changed, that there were no new options for faces or hairstyles. That the character voices were exactly the same. It just felt old to me.

I mean I know that leveling is crazy fast now, and I see some interface tweaks like the fact that PvP has its own Tab, and Blizzard put these totally pointless Achievements in. Pets now ride in a tab on your character sheet. People who’ve played WoW all along told me “It’s like a totally new game now.” and I guess I took that too much to heart. Yeah there are some changes but it doesn’t feel ‘fresh’ in any way, shape or form.

I’m just a bit annoyed with myself. I now have subs to EQ2 & WoW and the on-going LOTRO Lifetime. Which means no going back to Warhammer for another month.

At the same time, I’m excited to be trying a PvE game with CoW members, where everyone is pretty much doing the same thing. We’re all rolling fresh on Rexxar and are going to check out all the old instances and stuff. I’m still trying to decide on a class. The character I rolled last night was a Rogue but I dunno if I’m into that experience. I get impatient with all the skulking around. I might start a drenai if for no other reason than the fact that I haven’t run through the newbie drenai experience a dozen+ times, like I have all the original race areas.

4 thoughts on “Willpower saving throw: Failed

  1. Just have to pick the game you are happiest in 🙂

    I had this issue for a while, playing multiple games etc etc. I am sticking with WoW because I always have the most fun in it. Yes the CoW guild is a reroll and a do over, but hey we had to pick a place to let people all join in at the same level and not alienate the people that already have high level characters and such.

    Have your rogue go combat/swords and that will eliminate the skulking 🙂

  2. I just resubbed as well, and if you hit Shift on the mouseover you can do equp compares like you want. Took me a bit to figure that out.

    Man, I’d love to play with the COWs again, but Varuca got me hooked up with a pretty cool guild on Ysera. Maybe I’ll roll a toon on Rexxar also. I just don’t have enough time to put into this “hobby”!

  3. Sweet, thanks Regex!!

    And Hudson, I actually think rerolling was the smartest thing to do for CoW; if I came across sounding like I thought that was a bad idea, then I apologize. Actually I’m not sure how this post came out so cranky-sounding. LOL Too many games I want to play all of a sudden, I guess. Last summer after I flamed out on AoC I felt so bored, like there was *nothing* I was interested in, and now I’m interested in everything!

  4. Buyers remorse, I felt the same way when I bought Wrath. But now I at least have more of a reason to play. I will probably transfer one of my high level characters to Rexxar because it sits on a server that no one I know plays on, so why not.

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