Go! Go! NaNoWriMo!

Today is November 15th; we’re half-way through the month of November.

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I have done it a couple of times in the past. The middle of the month can be a bit disheartening. The initial burst of enthusiasm has worn off but the finish line is still a long ways out.

But on the other hand, you’re half-way there! Half-way to this crazy wonderful euphoric feeling of “Hot damn, I did it! I wrote a novel in a month! I so ROCK!!!”

Writing 1700 words/day sounds easy until you start to do it, every single day. It isn’t easy. But you’ve been doing it; you can continue to do it! It’s SO worth continuing to do it!!

I salute each and every one of you who is undertaking this worthwhile challenge. Keep churning out words!!!

2 thoughts on “Go! Go! NaNoWriMo!

  1. I tried & failed this last year – I think I managed 1/4 of the words needed & I still have the story sitting in my archives 😉

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