Being sick ain’t what it used to be

When I was a kid, being sick meant laying on the couch watching daytime soap operas. It was awful!! A fate worse than death.

Today, being sick still means laying on the couch, blanket up to my chin and box of tissues in the crook of my arm. But now it also means mellow videogames. I find it interesting that when my eyes are too puffy and red to focus on reading a book, I can still mess around in Fable 2 or LittleBigPlanet (I don’t think I could manage a shooter or a fast driving game). And when even those get to be too much, I can exit the game and catch up on the many videos I have downloaded. Or with the PS3, I can go to Hulu.Com and watch tv episodes I’ve missed.

I have to admit, sometimes I take for granted how far we’ve come in terms of entertainment in my lifetime. Which feels like its about to end (not really, I’m just being pathetic). Anyway, expect some quiet here at the blog until I get back on my feet.

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