Last night I played Rock Band 2 until my hands were cramping, my back was aching (I was playing slouched back on the couch, coffee-house style!) and my eyes could focus on nothing other than note charts. It was a blast! But…not much to say about it other than… IT WAS A BLAST!!!


I’m making some changes to the blogroll here at Dragonchasers. “War Bloggers” is now “Gamer Blogs” since I’ve found so many quality blogs that aren’t really war-oriented and I want to start including them. Plus the reality is that so few of us dedicate our blogs to one game. This way I can link to places like Construed and have it “fit.”

If you’re not on there and want to be, drop a comment. My criteria for inclusion on my blogroll are pretty hazy but generally: 1) if you have Dragonchasers on your blog roll, I’ll almost certainly include you unless your blog is actively offensive to me (not very likely). 2) If I read you regularly, I’ll include you as a “public service” for other Dragonchasers readers because I think you rock. 3) If you’re a frequent commenter, I’ll include you as an indication of what great taste in blogs you have. 🙂 Plus I probably read you as well…I often follow links from commenters to check out your blogs.

I do want to keep the length of the list manageable, so I’ll be going through and cleaning things out every so often. But if you’re linking to me, I won’t remove you. We must all appease the Google.

4 thoughts on “BlogRolling

  1. Doh! I actually thought you *were* on there… you’re definitely in my RSS reader! I’ll add you in a couple minutes. Sorry!

  2. Nice to be linked, thanks Pete. Am looking forward to seeing what Guitar Hero World Tour deliverers & had forgotten that Rock Band 2 was out hmm. Planning on getting any of these promising titles – Dead Space, Fallout 3, Fable II or Far Cry 2?

  3. Fable II is ordered (a gift from my girlfriend, bless her heart). I definitely want to play Fallout 3 (assuming the reviews are decent) and now I’m hearing great things about Far Cry 2 as well. I’m going to have to pace myself though, so after Fable 2 I doubt I’ll be playing anything near its release date.

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