Warhammer Chat Paradox

Two of the biggest issues that people are complaining about when it comes time to complain about Warhammer Online:

1) I always miss /tells because nothing draws my attention to them
2) Gold sellers keep sending me /tells and its seriously impacting my enjoyment of the game

Does this seem odd to anyone else?

If the chat system is so bad that you don’t notice tells, then how can the gold seller spam be so annoying!!?

I’m just askin…

And, like Ysharros, I’m sorta tired of the WAR bashing. If you don’t like the game, that’s fine. We get it. No game is right for everyone. But why put so much energy into a string of anti-Warhammer posts? It seems to me like it takes one, maybe two, posts to say “I don’t like Warhammer because of X, Y, & Z. If these are big issues for you too, you might want to hold off on buying the game.”

Then move on and share your *enthusiasm* for games you like. Because enthusiasm is infectious and fun to read. Whining, not so much.

And yeah, I realize the irony of me whining about whining. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Warhammer Chat Paradox

  1. >> If the chat system is so bad that you don’t notice tells, then how can the gold seller spam be so annoying!!?

    It’s not odd at all.

    Gold sellers’ usually spam several lines of junk at a time, which is not only annoying by itself, but also does a nice job of scrolling useful stuff off the screen. The more you get, the more annoying.

    Tells you actually should be catching are therefore easier to miss.

    Other things, like the NPC chatter, does the same thing. I like talkative NPCs as much as the next guy, but go into the marketplace in Altdorf and you’ll get spammed by the NPCs non-stop.

    None of this is gamebreaking for me, but I see lots of room for improvement and fine-tuning. Apparently, so does Mythic.

    I get you are trying to make a Point, but don’t confuse legitimate complaints aimed at trying to point out ways to improve the game with general whining.

  2. There’s a lengthy thread at Vault Network, with Mark asking for input from all of us about what we want in our chat system, as they’re adding/tweaking it as one of their next big tasks, FYI.

  3. I’m not suggesting that gold seller spam isn’t an issue; I agree it is. Not just their spam, but their existence. Like any other kind of spammer, it’ll be an on-going battle to minimize the damage they do.

    And if someone says “All this gold seller spam is making me miss legit tells” then I’d totally understand that.

    I’m more referring to people who were complaining loudly and repetitively that they “never saw tells” *before* the gold sellers arrived, who now complain loudly and repetitively that gold seller tells are ruining the game. If the chat interface is so bad that they claim to never see *any* tells, then how can the gold seller tells be such a problem for them?

    Repetitively being the key word, anyway.

    There are a few bloggers out there who seem to be playing WAR for no other reason than to find things to bitch about in blog posts.

    I apologize if I came across as saying the gold seller spam wasn’t a legit problem: I agree it is one. But I’m also willing to give Mythic some time to work the problem, which they’ve already started doing.

  4. BTW Pidge, all that NPC stuff can be filtered, it’s tagged Monster Say and Monster Emote. I just route that junk into a separate tab that I rarely look at (I just figure some day I might want/need to see what an NPC is saying).

  5. Thanks for the tip, Pete! I might give it a try sometime. Right now, I’m still exploring the world and don’t want to miss what some of the mobs are doing and saying — just in case there are any surprises. That’s well worth living with the chatty NPCs for the time being.

    And, yes, I got the specific point you’re making about negative blog posts. Meh, there will always be haters. If they can’t make a legitimate point, I’ll stop reading them the same as I would the never-a-bad-word fanboys.

  6. Oddly enough I don’t think you miss much by filtering Monster say and emote. 90% of that seems to be “She’s a witch! Warts, I tell ya!” repeated 18 times by all 18 of the wandering peasants, all at the same time (repeating, not wandering, though that is synchronised too).

    I certainly can’t say I’ve missed it, and I catch a lot more on my main chat tab now as a result.

    Definitely worth trying, esp if you throw it into a tab of its own, so that you can check it now and then and see if you really DID miss something of substance.

  7. The problem I have is that there is so much NPC spam that it will push small one sentence tells out of the screen. The reason I seem to notice the gold spammers is because they use multi line tells, so it’s easier to spot. But I had not thought of filtering out the Monster say stuff, great idea!!

    My main issue with the chat window is that it lags behind sometimes. A small complaint that doesn’t hinder the fun I am having in the least.

  8. I am very glad to have this tip, I look forward to turning that off! For me personally, that’s been spammy in its own right and more annoying than “local flavor”.

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