Quick review of Warhammer CE

So I just tore open my Warhammer Collector’s Edition. I was fairly pleased. The own bummer for me is the figure that comes with it: it needs to be assembled and painted, which I’m not the least bit interested in doing.

Beyond that, both the art book and the graphic novel are hard bound and printed on what appears to be good quality, clay-surfaced paper. There’s a code for the game, of course, and a code for an extra map for C&C Red Alert… uh, which is weird but I understand C&C Red Alert is going to come with a code for a Warhammer helm or something.

No trial or buddy codes, and of course we haven’t seen all the in-game stuff yet. What’s there seems to be pretty high quality, and of course we got an extra 2 days of Headstart, so overall I’m pretty satisfied.