Warhammer server distribution puzzler

I’m glad I’m not responsible for the Warhammer servers, because there are forces in play that defy explanation, at least to me.

This morning SE Headstart began. I logged in just to look at the server list. Virtually all the NA Core servers are at Low/Low population this morning…except one (Badlands, iirc…should’ve written this down) which was Full/Full, and one other that was High/High.

What draws so many people to a particular server? Mythic has RP servers and Oceanic servers and other ‘flavors’ of server (I say this because in other games one server will be, for instance, the “Unofficial Roleplay” server and that’ll make it stand out and attract more players). The only thing I can guess is that Badlands is an “Unofficial North American European Server” for players in Europe who don’t want to play on GOA’s (?) servers?

Anyway, my greatest fear is that I’ll come home tonight to find the server my guild is on has become super-populated with long queue times. I have an even greater fear of that happening on the 18th. Nothing to do but wait and see, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Warhammer server distribution puzzler

  1. Badlands sounds so… BAD. Lands. Like Bad, Bad, Badlands.

    Or Badlands in WoW.

    Nevermind. It just doesn’t follow any reason, people are just curious twitters you cannot really understand.


  2. The Europeans are probably using your servers as Mythic have made the grave error of partnering with French company GOA, who are renouned for poor quality and and non-exsistent customer support.

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