Welcome to beta, Collector’s Edition pre-orderers

So I gather that folks who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Warhammer Online have been invited to closed beta. Now they’re scrambling to download the client.

I first typed “There is a Warhammer Online Beta and I am in it.” back in February. I’ve definitely struggled with “beta fatigue” once I realized that this was a game I really wanted to play after release. Now that we’re closing in on launch I’m getting seriously pumped again!

It’ll be great to have a fresh wave of enthusiastic testers hitting the servers. I *really* hope they (and I!) don’t have to download a whole new client for Open Beta though!

Anyway just wanted to shout out a “Welcome to the fun!” to the new testers. I hope you’re as pleased as I’ve been!

One thought on “Welcome to beta, Collector’s Edition pre-orderers

  1. Wow, this is weird. I think we’ve all tapped into a Gestalt mind or something — I was thinking about a “beta fatigue” entry yesterday, and wondering what I could say that wouldn’t a) break the NDA and b) make it sound like I’m tired of WAR, which is absolutely not the case.

    I guess I’ve taken over the torch of fatigue fror the time being. 😉

    Btw, very nice page theme.

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