Lively Launches

For quite some time we’ve heard rumors that Google was working on some kind of virtual world project.

Today, they launched Lively (I’m still trying to figure out if there’s any relation between this project and Sun’s Lively Kernel project, but I think not), a web-based virtual world product that, frankly, I’m still trying to figure out.

Of course they didn’t stop me from creating a Room. It’s quite fancy, don’t you think? /sarcasm

[EDIT: Well it seems like you can’t create new content at this point, just drag and drop stuff others have made. Which makes the whole exercise a lot less interesting to me at this point.]

Presumably, you’ll need to install Lively before you can see anything.

2 thoughts on “Lively Launches

  1. I fiddled with it the other day while EQ was down for an 8 hour patch, but I didn’t get as far in decorating my room. I can’t access it on the macbook air and that’s where I do most of my surfing, so I didn’t fool around with it for long. Not being able to create your own content is a bummer; I kept seeing it compared to SecondLife, but it didn’t feel that way to me. Of course I’m a hermit and just created my own room instead of popping into one that already had people, but I’m shy that way.

    Oh and hi, I followed you here from Plurk. 🙂

  2. Hey Lisana! I’m enjoying Plurk! Thanks for stopping by here.

    Sounds like you and I are peas in a pod as far as the social thing goes. I also created my own room rather than jumping into one with a bunch of random strangers. I’m never comfortable doing that kind of thing. Every try The Sims Online (while it existed). It was all about barging into someone’s house. Not for me…

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