Building your Twitter network

WebWorkerDaily has a post with a couple of webapps that’ll find you more strangers to stalk follow on Twitter. One of them just checks who you are following, and sees who they are following, and if a bunch of them are following a particular individual, it suggests you follow that individual too. It’s a good way to expand your “Celebrity Twitterers” circle, I guess.

The other one looks at your tweets and compares them to what other people are tweeting about, and suggests matches. I actually found a guy who has been tweeting about some web stuff he’s been playing with that looks pretty interesting. This feels more useful, as this person doesn’t have a huge network or anything and its pretty unlikely I’d ever have found him through ‘normal channels.’

Anyway I don’t want to totally rip-off WWD so I’ll send you to the post to check out the apps.