Rock Band vs Guitar Hero 3: Day 4, Finishing Up

Well, I’ve gotten pretty far away from actually comparing the two games at this point, but that alone is indicative of my personal preference. Tonight right after dinner I fired up Rock Band and played until my hands started to ache. Yeah, just a tad addicted.

I finished out the Easy Mode career and unlocked all the bonus songs, then started on a Medium Mode career. When I made the jump from Easy to Medium in Guitar Hero 3, the difference was crushing…I just couldn’t manage to do Medium songs at all well. In Rock Band, I hit 4 & 5 stars on my first two Medium mode songs.

This felt pretty ‘right’ to me. Finishing up the hardest Easy songs and then the bonus songs on Easy, and then moving onto the easiest Medium songs…it should (I think) feel like a pretty seamless progression, and in Rock Band it does.

At this point it’s hard to imagine me going back to Guitar Hero 3 for anything. I’m just hoping for that patch that’ll let me use the GH3 guitar in Rock Band so I get some use out of the purchase.