Sept. 11th memories

I know that every blog and site on the web is going to have some kind of commemorative 9/11 post today.

I wasn’t going to. My memories of that day aren’t much different than that of most readers of this blog. You all remember the dawning horror just as well as I do.

But I’ve run into one of those TechDispenser quandaries again. A post that is too far off-topic for me to approve for the TD site, but too good to just quietly deny.

So here it is. A post from a fellow who was working quite near the World Trade Center on that morning that changed us all. He gives us a first hand account of what that day was like: September 11th Remembered

2 thoughts on “Sept. 11th memories

  1. Thanks. I was going through the same quandry. Do I write about it or not? Ultimately its a cleansing experience and something that needed to be done. Hopefully I was able to shed some light on it from a first person POV.

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