The WebbAlert

A couple of weeks ago, G4’s Morgan Webb started up a daily video show about what’s going on in the world of tech. I watched the first one and although I enjoyed it, I promptly forgot about it. At the time (it was day 1 after all) there wasn’t a feed or anything. You had to hit the website to watch.

Well today I remembered it again, and now she has a feed set up so I promptly subscribed via iTunes and slurped down the 7 episodes I hadn’t seen. I just finished watching them all, and yup, the show is still pretty good. Morgan is genuinely likable (well, to me anyway, but I feel like I’ve watched her grow up from her first nervous days of appearing on The Screensavers) and the content is interesting and succinct. She then offers links for further info.

If you’re interested in tech, it’s well worth watching.