.hack// Another Birth Vol. 3

.hack// Another Birth Vol. 3It got unbearably hot in the office today so I sought shelter in a much cooler part of the apartment and finished off .hack// Another Birth Vol. 3. These things read like the wind…you pick them up and suddenly you’re half-way through the book.

Things are starting to heat up for the (presumably) grand finale in Vol 4. An uneasy coalition between hackers, admins and players has formed in order to find out exactly what is happening in The World. BlackRose is finally starting to open up to her friends a bit. There’s this common theme I’ve noticed in anime, and now in this manga-ish novel, where characters are always very closed to each other. I’m wondering if that is a typical Japanese behavior. No one wants to burden their friends by letting on that not everything is wonderful in their world. So while Akira/BlackRose is playing in The World in an attempt to save her little brother from a coma, she carries on (well, until now) as if she hasn’t a care in the world. It seemed that even if keeping quiet meant putting friends at risk, she would hold her tongue. It’s good to see her finally opening up; it was getting a bit dull watching her constantly stop a conversation for fear of giving something away.

It’ll be good to get past this series. I have so much else I should be reading and I keep picking these up. Life has been rather a bit stressful lately and I think these silly novels are my way of escaping. I suppose it beats swillin’ beers and Jameson, eh?