.hack// Another Birth Vol. 2

.hack// Another Birth Vol. 2Volume 2 down. Two more to go.

I don’t have a lot to say, though. .hack// Another Birth Vol. 2 continues BlackRose and Kite’s adventures in The World as they try to figure out what’s happening. More and more of The World is becoming corrupt (in the data sense, not in the political sense!) and, often accompanied by bubbly healer Mistral, they keep fighting ‘data bugs’ and trying to get to the bottom of things.

It’s unclear to me why they’re doing what they are doing. BlackRose and Kite each know someone who is in a coma from playing The World, but how fighting these ‘data bugs’ is supposed to help cure their friends, I’m not following. And things have gotten worse…now the system administrators are involved.

Fair warning… Vol. 2 has a “….to be continued” ending, so if you like Vol 1 enough to press on, make sure you have Vol 3 at hand before you start in on Vol 2!