Chore Wars

Thanks to Penny Arcade for pointing this out. Chore Wars has to be the geekiest idea I’ve seen in a while. Ok, maybe since yesterday. Here’s how it works (I surmise, personally I’m much too lazy for something like this). You and your fellow house or office mates sign up. You create lists of household or office chores and assign experience points to each one. Then as you do chores, you mark them off on the Chore Wars site. Rack up major experience points and level up!!

I mean really, who needs World of Warcraft when you have Chore Wars!!?

One thought on “Chore Wars

  1. this made me laugh so hard. like i don’t have enough OCD lists around here…. and it just seems so boring to have not as least killed anything worth points… *assuming you don’t have kill cockroaches on your list*

    I thanked you back at my OLD site…but wanted to thank you here in case you didn’t see it.

    I’ll be using my NEW site from now on, i’m pretty sure.

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