Thought Bubble

Imagining that extra preparation makes for better writing is like assuming that the more books we read on weight loss, the thinner we’ll become.

The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes, page 91.

Ahem… um. Guilty on both counts.

I used to have another blog, primarily for myself, where I collected random bits and thoughts like this. Since that blog is no more I guess I’ll have to start collecting them here.

One thought on “Thought Bubble

  1. I love collecting. too much, perhaps. I used to be a post-it-note-a-holic. I had thousands of them stuck everywhere. It was a terrible system for keeping any thought bubble worth keeping. In a raging sweep of cleaning, I tossed most of it all out because the notion of typing it all down at that point seemed overwhelming. Now, I have a post-it-note program…which I rarely remember I have and just write using the ‘notepad’ program on the computer and keep them all in a file I call Text stuff. Not very organized, am I?

    I like the idea of you posting your thought bubbles here was what I meant to say… briefly. 🙂

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