A nice Callie card…

Today a card arrived in the mail, from where I’d been taking Callie:

Dear [DC],
We are very sorry for your loss of Callie. We understand that Callie was truly a part of your family, and we know that you must miss her very much.
We hope that it may offer you some comfort to know that a donation has been made, in Callie’s memory, to the hospital stray animal fund. Callie was very lucky to have had you to care for her.
With deepest sympathy,
Dr. [Callie’s doctor] and staff at
Marlboro Animal Hospital

I thought that was an awfully nice gesture, and on the off chance you’re in the Marlborough, Mass, USA area and in need of a vet I’d confidently point you to the Marlboro Animal Hospital.

I sure do miss the little furball. I’ve been re-arranging my house a bit to kind of fracture the memories a little. I still find myself looking for her, and I lose track of the time every afternoon because no one is curling around my ankles reminding me its dinner time.

At the same time, the acute pain of loss is already fading, which is good I suppose. I regret not having taken more pictures of her… I had a lot on my old cellphone but never transferred them off and the phone is long gone now. And I tossed all her toys and kind of wish I’d kept one as a memento…

My friends have been very supportive and that’s helped an awful lot.