Yoga For Regular Guys

OK, so I have to admit I bought Yoga for Regular Guys (Yoga Babes Included!) half jokingly. I was looking in the yoga section for some kind of basic book that’d maybe teach me a few moves to help me get un-kinked. I swear as I get older I feel more stiff and brittle every morning.

Anyway all the books looked rather, ah, effeminate. But here was a yoga book written by a professional wrestler with a foreward by Rob Zombie and full of pics of hotties in yoga poses. How could I resist!? (I did end up buying a more ‘serious’ yoga book as well…I’ll be reviewing that at a later date.)

I sat down this afternoon and read it cover to cover and damned if I didn’t find myself getting motivated. Basically its a yoga workout aimed at both getting you stronger and more flexible. Diamond Dallas Page starts with the story about having mangled his back and being told he’d never wrestle again, and how his wife got him to try yoga, which led to him eventually getting back into the ring.

In addition to the exericises we get plenty of anecdotes and ‘real guy’ sexual innuendo about getting yourself a flexible yoga babe, and the models are an even mixture of hot babes and ‘regular guys’ demonstrating the moves. It’s all pretty good natured fun, but the workout seems real enough. I’ll let you know because I’m going to give it a go…

The book is a bit ‘padded’ in that the exercises are illustrated in both left and right handed positions and so forth, but at the same time this makes it easy to follow along without losing your place, so that seems like a wash.

No word yet on whether the regime is effective, but it was certainly an entertaining read, and yes, fairly inspirational. I’ll report back after I’ve done the beginner routine a couple of times.