Anatomy of a Layoff: Wrap-up

So, I went away for a month, didn’t I? Time flies… spent a few weeks just totally *lost* in World of Warcraft, living crazy hours at the computer. Coping mechanism? Absolutely.

My first unemployment checks are starting to roll in and I’ve got a decent ‘nest egg’ so as long as I remain anal about not spending money I’m still good for a time.

The layoff is behind me now. I can’t deny I’m anxious about the future, in a big way, but escaping for a couple weeks allowed me to let go of most of the baggage. And I’m thinking in all kinds of crazy ways… another job web developing? Maybe. But what about tending bar for a while? I’ve done that in the past and made good money. What about getting a job in a bookstore…pay will be crap but it’ll give me time and energy for outside of work opportunities. Essentially I’m thinking of jobs that aren’t going to take a lot of ‘white collar’ energy so when I get home at night, sitting down at the computer to write won’t feel like an extension of work.

Anyway, now that I’m dusting off the blog again I figured I should wrap-up this layoff series of posts.

Comments are still broken.. one of the things on my to-do list is fixing that… sorry for the inconvenience.