The Charnel Prince

I stayed up much too late last night finishing Greg Keye’s The Charnel Prince. This was book 2 in the series started in The Briar King (see a couple posts down). Here’s my review: I LOVED IT!
Heh. Seriously, it was as good as Briar King, which I mean as the highest of praise because I truly loved that book. The story is getting rolling now. The Briar King is still out and about, and some evil clerics are trying to awaken some ancient and apparently evil saint. The law of death is broken. The princess is on the run. One of the new characters is a court composer, and it just blew me away what a great job Keyes did of turning him into a hero without him ever lifting a sword.
Some old friends have returned, others are gone forever. There are still a bunch of threads to follow but Keyes keeps things moving such that you don’t lose your place, or at least not very often. (Of course the fact that the book is hard to put down means that I devoured it in big chunks, which also helped.)
Its times like these that my lack of any kind of book reviewing skill frustrates the hell out of me, because I want to inspire you to go out and buy these books because they’re wonderful! And all I can manage is “OOOOhhh! SHINY!”
The next book is out in July. I can’t wait. I’ll be there the day it hits the store shelves (if I can figure out when that is)!