So things have really been slipping lately… no writing, hardly any reading, and let’s not talk about eating healthy or exercise! I sat down to catch up on the Sunday papers and realized the stack went back to December 4th!

I need to find a way to balance these activities with work and the need to blow off steam. I’ve just been toggling between work and steam blowing for quite some time now.

Anyway I just added a book to my Amazon Wishlist. It’s called Elsewhere and its a children’s book about a girl who is killed in a hit and run accident. The titular Elsewhere is the afterlife, and in it, she lives her life backwards.

That struck me as a reasonable reincarnation theory… you live your life, die and hit the afterlife at whatever age you were when you died, then age backwards in the afterlife until you reach zero, when you get born again to do it all over again. I like the symmetry! When you’re in the afterlife it doesn’t seem like the afterlife…it seems normal. Maybe you’d have theologians talking about the BeforeLife. 🙂