Abandon Book!

The careful observer will notice that I deleted Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words by Susan Goldsmith Woolridge, from my “Reading” column over on the left. And yet, no review… what could possibly be happening!!?

I’ll tell you what. The books was so saccharine and fluffy and downright insipid that it actually made me angry to read it! Seriously, this woman lives in some kind of fantasy land, and I simply couldn’t stomach it.

Its full of advice like “Cut words out of magazines and paste them to cardboard. Label things around you! Label your refridgerator “Some pig”! And she goes on to regale us with stories of how much her children loved cutting out words and labeling things around the house. It was like a Captain Kangaroo flashback.

Gaah, that’s just one example and already I feel the need to take a shower. But I can’t judge the book because for some fluffy little bunnies who want to write poems about children playing in the rain and flowers and home baked cookies, its probably a fine book. I just prefer my poetry to have some depth…