Another light night

Did a lot of chores on the way home from work, so got a late start. And I still have some things to do around the house; basically I’m trying to get the weekend free for one last big push.

Still, I broke the 40K barrier. And, amazingly, I think I have just enough story left to carry my through to 50K.

I’m really going to do this, dammit. I’m fucking amazed…

3 thoughts on “Another light night

  1. Yes, you are going to do it.

    Dare I say it…?
    Do I?
    Okay, yeah, I’m gonna say it…


    (And heartfelt congratulations to you, too!!)

  2. Good job removing that other piece of crap post. Since the meter has returned, I trust that means you’ve gotten your ass in gear, attitude adjusted and back on track, and that time today will be spent in the world of your creation.

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