Evil is fun!!

Tonight I got to invent an evil race. 🙂

You see, my novel is schlock fantasy. It has humans and elves and…when it came time to have a race of bad guys, I wanted to stay away from the tried and true orcs or goblins or what have you.

So far the race doesn’t have a name, but my characters refer to them as “Bead People” for reasons I shall leave unspoken for now.

My plot is finally starting to take off, although I fear the story will grow larger than 50,000 words can contain.

This feels really, really good.

Tip: I stopped listening to MP3’s and started tuning into Internet Radio, in my case Live365. With a continuous, virtually ad-free stream of ambiant music, its easy to just lose yourself in the words.

One thought on “Evil is fun!!

  1. “Bead People”?? Now I’m curious…

    -your friendly once-nag, now just a happy cheerleader

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