So I’m doing things a bit differently tonight. I’m writing this update *before* I work on the novel. I have no idea how many words I’ll manage tonight.

Today was one of the worst days at work I’ve had in…jesus, a very long time. It was long, tiring, frustrating and in the end not very productive. I re-affirmed my boss’s opinion of me that I am a problem employee, which will lead to more angst down the road (of course when I’m unemployed I’ll have a lot more time for writing). Mind you, all I was doing was trying with every fiber of my being to prevent us from making what I felt in my soul was a disasterous mistake. I should take a cue from my fellow workers and just keep quiet, let the mistakes happen and then clean up the mess.

Anyway, on the way home I bought all the fixings for some kick-ass margaritas. Dinner is made and waiting in the fridge (a cold salad). Its 8:30 already so if I don’t write now, I never will.

Time to ignore the rumbling belly and the siren call of tequila, and get writing.

One thought on “Grim

  1. You logged, what, 1700 words last night, despite it all? Pat yourself on the back. That’s a big deal. And I hope the margaritas were good, too!

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