Media gluttony

Last night I took a few minutes before bed to read through two issues of The New York Times Book Review section. As is more or less my custom, I circled volumes that sounded interesting and added them to my Amazon Wish List.

Think about that. At least one book, and often two or three, added to the list every week. And every week I finished reading… about 1/10th of a book.

It was so depressing that I turned on the TV. Well, really I had to turn on the TV. You see, my DVR is at 89% full. I needed to watch some stuff so that I could delete it to make room for more stuff. Then I realized I hadn’t checked the Tivo (DVR #2) lately. Ach! It was filling up as well.

It was all too much, so I headed out for a walk, grabbing my iPod on the way. No sense in wasting the downtime when I could catch up on some of my podcasts. I’m weeks behind on Slacker Astronomy and The Secrets. And I really want to give Unquiet Desperation a chance. But first I had episodes of The Dragon Page Cover-to-Cover, Wingin’ it and Slice of Sci-Fi to listen to.