Microsoft, Toshiba team on HD-DVD players

Microsoft, Toshiba team on HD-DVD players

The latest volley in the DVD format wars. The article gives MS a lot of weight, which is understandable in the PC marketplace but I’m not sure it matters so much when it comes to consumer electronics.

DVD-HD won’t be ready for the launch of XBox 360, though MS has hinted that you may be able to upgrade your 360 to a more capable model as time goes by.

Meanwhile, everyone that buys a PS3 gets a Blu-Ray DVD player as a ‘bonus’ and to me, that just seems like a huge boon for Blu-Ray in the consumer space.

I’m firmly pro-Blu-Ray and I see this as a slight setback, but nothing to get too concerned over. If the 360 came out with a DVD-HD a year ahead of the PS3 and its Blu-Ray drive, I’d be a lot more worried.