Dump bloglines, get t3h blox0r

Thanks to Kevin Gerich for pointing me to this.

t3h blox0r is an RSS aggregator along the lines of bloglines, but its built on Gecko’s XUL toolkit. So you’ll need Firefox or something along those lines to use it. (Firefox is a great browser anyway, if you don’t have it, get it.) Anyway, it’s a lot more ‘slick’ than Bloglines. I think I’ll be switching…

UPDATE: Nope, I won’t be switching, yet. Some of my feeds that work in bloglines don’t work in blox0r. I imagine they’ll get that sorted out, though. I’ll check back in later.

2 thoughts on “Dump bloglines, get t3h blox0r

  1. I really like the interface, but it just doesn’t have the functionality that Bloglines does at this point. I’ll check back later.

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