Cleaning up

Ok, so sometimes I obsess on the strangest things. But I’m telling you, the Mr. Clean Magic Reach bathroom cleaning gizmo is a miracle product! You simply have to get one, especially if you’re a guy. Because, as I was told my a female co-worker, “Guys don’t clean their bathrooms.”

It was hard to debate her because I do tend to let mine go too long between scrubbings, but no more! The Magic Reach is to your bathroom what Swiffer products are to the rest of your house. You have this base gizmo that looks vaguely like an iron with two pointy ends. You rip open a cleaning pad packet, and pull out this wet pad that wraps around the gizmo. And then you mop your floor (or walls, to sink or toilet) with it. It sneaks in behind the toilet bowl and the points get into corners. When you’re done (ie, in like 4 minutes) you pull the pad off, drop it in the trash and open a second pad. This one is more sudsy, and its for cleaning the tub and stuff. Scrub out the tub with it, and drop that pad in the trash too.

And you’re done.

Seriously, I’m a huge fan of convenience, and this thing really works and is super convenient. Guys, get one of these things and lets put an end to girls saying “Guys don’t clean their bathrooms” once and for all!!!