Blog changes

Hello, faithful readers! *waits for the shouts back, frowns at the silence and continues*

I just wanted to note a few changes to the blog. First, I’ve cleaned up my book list. I’m no longer listing everything that happens to be laying on my bedside table. Just the stuff that I’m actually reading.

Second, I won’t be talking much about games here anymore, since I’m starting a new site for that. The Games Roundtable is a place that, I hope, myself and some old friends will talk about games, post reviews and news, and that kind of thing. There’s a forum there too. So in a way, The Games Roundtable combines the games-related posts from here, and the discussion board from Jaded’s Pub, which after, what? eight years? I’m finally closing down.

Since a LOT of the content here was games-focused, it means I’m either going to have to think more, or post less. 🙂 Let’s hope the former turns out to be true, since I can hardly post less than I have been lately.