Binging on Linux

You know how life throws odd random events at you sometimes. A friend gave me an Ubuntu LiveCD about a week before I was set to go to LinuxWorld. I was only going to LW because it was local and because we do run a few linux servers at work. I figured I could pick up some tips on security or whatever. Plus, it’s always a nice way to recharge your geek batteries, going to an event like this.

Anyway, so I had this LiveCD and I figured, what the heck. And was pretty darned impressed with what I saw of UbuntuLinux. Next thing I know, I was installing a PowerPC version on an old Mac. Then I was salvaging hard drives out of my old PC’s looking for one of a decent size.

And here I am on my ‘gaming rig’ but now its running Ubuntu (dual boot…I still need to play games and poker in Windows).

Honestly I started out just doing it for the geeky fun of doing it, but for whatever reason, the fonts, at least on my LCD screen, are SO MUCH crisper and cleaner under Ubuntu than under Windows, that I’d keep it just for that. And plus, I was checking out Mono at LinuxWorld and I think I want to poke around with it a bit. Granted, Mono runs under Windows or OS X, but I want to develop with it under linux then see what the porting is really like.

But that’s fodder for another post.