Winner’s Guide To Texas Hold’em Poker

Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker Ken Warren’s book was my introduction to Texas Hold’em and I have to say it did the job. I learned the basics from it and was amused for much of it.

Of course, Warren didn’t intend to be amusing, no more than Archie Bunker did (had he been a real person). I’m way too much a neophyte to tell Mr. Warren his advice is wrong, but I can say it lacks tact. We get advice like “Sit at a table with beautiful women because they usually don’t know what they’re doing, and besides, they’re a distraction to the other players.” and “A player using a walker or a wheelchair generally intends to stay at the table for a long time, so they’ll play a very conservative game.”

I’ll have to revisit the book some time to see how good the rest of his advice was. I have to admit I enjoyed the book from the point of view of it being a “PC Trainwreck” of sorts, and as I said, I did learn the game, so it wasn’t a waste of my time anyway…