Bare-breasted teen in video game sues to stop sales

Bare-breasted teen in video game sues to stop sales

Here’s an article on the girl who is now claiming she was 17 when she posed for footage to be shown in “The Guy Game.’

Call me a cynic, but I still think this is Night Trap all over again. The game is tanking, badly. So what better way to get horny kids to buy it than to get a juicy lawsuit going, saying Her breasts are exposed in a manner that is “sexually suggestive, lewd and lascivious,” Hell, suddenly *I* want to play this game! 🙂

So a temporary order takes the game off store shelves for a while, demand builds, and when the order expires, a bunch of people buy it all at once. That bit is important, because once they have bought it they’ll be online talking about what crap it is. Alternatively, they’ll buy it and not even open it, keeping it as a collector’s item just in case.

Back when the Sega CD game Night Trap came out, it too died. It was a terrible game. Then congress started using it as an example of how horrible video games were for kids, and suddenly it became a hot seller. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, folks.

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