The Second Sons Trilogy

A few posts back I talked about Jennifer Fallon’s The Lion of Senet. Since then, I’ve finished the other two books in the trilogy, The Eye of the Labyrinth and The Lord of Shadows. Ms. Fallon did not disappoint. While Lion had a bit of a slow start, the story really got rolling in Eye and putting down Lord was nigh on impossible. The intrigue grew and grew and I was often caught off-guard by twists in the plot.

And happily, unlike many trilogies these days, this one really ended. Is there room for more stories in this universe? Yes, but probably either in the past or future of the characters in Second Sons. Ms. Fallon didn’t leave us dangling, or with too many unanswered questions, and it wasn’t a clear set up for the next triology, as is so often the case.

These books get my highest recommendation. It was the best series I’ve read in quite a while.

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