Why The Press sucks

Here we go again. Check the headline:
Sheriff: 4 charged in Florida killings over Xbox

Killings over Xbox…well that says it all, right? Once again, these hyper violent videogamers go apeshit on each other. And I mean, this is CNN. Aren’t they supposed to be respectable?

Here’s another take on it. The headline isn’t much better:
Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

But if you read this story, you’ll learn that the Xbox in question was just one small factor in an on-going dispute. Which, I should add, the local police were aware of. The ‘ringleader’ has spent 8 of the last 11 years in jail for a variety of crimes. They’d been squatting in a vacation home and got pissed off for being thrown out of it.

Sick individuals? Absolutely. I hope to hell they fry for what they’ve done. But c’mon, is it really accurate reporting to call this the “Xbox slaying?” Isn’t 6 people being beaten to death, one so severely that they can’t even ID the body from dental records, sensational enough for the blood-thirsty press? Do we have to drag the ‘gaming angle’ into it?

Hell, CBS News ran a picture of an Xbox in their coverage:
Squatter Accused Of Xbox Slayings

One thought on “Why The Press sucks

  1. I just don’t get it – what does the mainstream press have against gaming? I mean, I’ve seen poor coverage in other areas before, but it just seems they go into these with an agenda.

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